T U R K S   H E A D   I N N E

Privately Owned Boutique Hotel

On the Historic Island of Grand Turk

​​Hotel Bookings:

Tel #: +1 649 247 6574

E-Mail: rosalie.tomada@gmail.com


Dinner Menu

- Curried Snapper -

Red Snapper fillet steamed in our famous Madras curry sauce.

- Sauteed Snapper -

Filet of snapper crusted in rice flour and sauteed in lime garlic butter.

- Almond Snapper -

Fresh filet of local snapper encrusted in almonds..

- Curried Conch -

Local conch, slowly steamed in our West Indies spice blend and coconut milk.

- Coconut Shrimp -

Jumbo Prawns dipped in our madras Curry batter and coated with coconut.

- Lobster Kabobs -

Local lobster morsels skewered and basted in lime and garlic butter.(seasonal)

- Chicken Roulade -

Chicken breast stuffed with bacon , spinach and mozzarella cheese.

All entree's include a potato or steamed rice and fresh vegetables