T U R K S   H E A D   I N N E

Privately Owned Boutique Hotel

On the Historic Island of Grand Turk

​​Hotel Bookings:

Tel #: +1 649 247 6574

E-Mail: rosalie.tomada@gmail.com


Lunch Menu

- Jumbo House Salad -

Add chicken ($3), fish ($4), shrimp ($5), & lobster ($6). 

- Fish Tacos -

2 soft tacos filled with red snapper, cheese, lettuce and tomato. 

- Mamasita's Quesadilla -

With veggies or chicken, shrimp & fish. 

- Conch Bites -

Tender pieces of conch lightly fried in our own tempura batter.

- Fish or Chicken Fingers -

Strips of fish or chicken breast marinated, battered and fried. 

- Chicken Sandwich -

Marinated chicken breast and grilled and served with bun. 

- Fusion Burger -

8oz burger topped with sauteed mushrooms, bacon, onions & cheese. 

- Lobster Roll -

Caribbean Lobster salad served with toasted bun. (Seasonal)

Lunches include fries and a salad