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Tel #: +1 649 247 6574
E-Mail: rosalie.tomada@gmail.com


Grand Turk is the historical and political centre of the Turks and Caicos, and the second most populated island in the country after Providenciales. 

Originally founded by settlers from Bermuda as a site for sea salt production in 1681, Cockburn Town on Grand Turk has been the official capital of the country since 1766. Many of the country's main government offices, such as the Supreme Court and Governor's Residence can be found here.

Several important historic events have taken place around this small island, including being the likely spot of Columbus's first landfall in the New World, and the first land American astronaut John Glenn stepped foot on after orbiting Earth in 1962.

Experience a unique stay on the island of Grand Turk and revel in the old world of 19th century buildings. The Turks and Caicos courthouse and government buildings are based on this island amongst donkeys, horses, egrets, osprey, and flamingos.

Grand Turk has a full hospital, pharmacy, dental services and ATMs.

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